Dorottya & Tinka & Zorro

I joined the dog show and the "Husky-world" in Hungary in 1998/99, around the time when Dora was showing Kelly, Love Me Do of Nordica, in baby class. I have been following her breeding ever since, and have always respected her attitude towards breeding and her dogs. At Nordica, they have always been striving for quality based on the standard, independent from the current trends of the breed, but primarily they are breeding family members to be loved.

It was 10 years later, in 2008 that I was looking for a show puppy. I spotted a Siberian baby at the parking place at a Budapest International, and I fell in love immediately. It turned out he was a Nordica puppy out of Phoebe and Stich, so I contacted Dora, and she offered me the last female of the same litter. After a visit, I decided to take Tinka, U TOOK MY HEART TINKERBELL OF NORDICA, at the age of 6 months – and it turned out to be one of the best decisions (luck, fate...) of my life.

She did not only grow into a Siberian I had always been dreaming of, in terms of looks as well as character, but she ended up being a WORLD WINNER and BEST OF BREED at the 2009 World Dog Show in Bratislava, making my greatest childhood dream come true. I am very grateful for the Nordica family for making this possible and trusting me with the greatest companion ever. She's a phenomenon.

When 2 years later I was offered a "last" puppy again, I did not hesitate much. ZORRO RIDES AGAIN IN NORDICA joined our family in the spring, and turned into a beauty, melting every heart with his sweetness. Zorro is co-owned and loved by Franz Krenn in the Mystic Woodland kennel in Austria, and holds multiple Champion titles and a BIS.

Besides these wonderful creatures and the support I needed to take proper care of them, I gained true friends who share my love for these dogs and the breed they represent perfectly.

For me Nordica represents passion for the breed while at the same time keeping an objective eye on quality.

Dorottya Hanak

Hungary / Austria

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