Iza & Diesel

When I started to look for a Siberian husky my eyes were focused on a Hungarian kennel Star’n Nordica, I asked about puppies and possibilities to get one….. but then I was a beginner… but I promised to Teodora that someday I will contact with her again …..

And in 2013 I did, I wrote to her with true hope that this time it will work out, and it did. As the puppies were growing we talked about them a lot, we watched how they developing, moving and how they behave, we wanted choose the perfect dog for me, with personality which fits to me well and Dora with her knowledge helped me selecting the right boy. She sent me a lot of photos and videos about him and I was truly grateful, because Dora was also interested where her boy will go and to whom. She really cares about future owners and also teach the little puppies everything

When Diesel (Daredevil is Star’n Noordica) came to us he was sweet, charm and was already trained for many things. We were and still we are very grateful for Star’N Nordica for all the help, advices and possibility to be part of the Nordica family.

Diesel is part of our family now, we love him and we appreciate to Dora for her trust and all in all we can clearly state that with Diesel joining our family our dream came true.

Izabela Krieger

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Teodora Nagy

Hungary, Szentendre

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