Janni & Mira

I bought my lovely red and white husky at Nordica in 1999. Her name was One Mo' Miracle Of Nordica. And a miracle she was...

Still remember seeing her for the first time when Dora travelled from Hungary to Denmark to give Mira to me. We never met but Dora was such a lovely and nice person and Mira was everything I wished for. We had only talked via Phone and internet but meeting Dora made me once again know that buying from this Kennel was so right! We still have contact after all these years and I know that is normal when getting a Nordica puppy.

Mira gained her championship quickly and besides being beautiful she was so clever. Very outgoing and never nervous. She gained lots of respect wherever she came because of her friendly appearance. Mira obtained many obedience titles in Denmark and no one ever broke that record. And no one will. Mira was the only husky ever with all these titles and she was unique in so many ways. Writing this makes me miss her even more but she died happy and always loved at the age of 13.

Getting a Nordica puppy is also getting a lifelong friendship.

Janni Morsing

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