Klári & Sky

I can say, that getting a Nordica husky fulfilled my childhood dream.

Ialways wanted a dog, but from the Nordica kennel I got more than a dog. I was searching for a long long time, when I finally found the place where I wanted to get my new family member from, but from the moment I contacted them I had no doubt, that I found the perfect place.

Firstly I got a wonderful dog, Sky. What the most important for me is that he is healthy, happy, balanced and friendly dog. It is a pleasure to look at him and he enjoys everything we do together.

From the first moment I fell in love with the atmoshere of the dogshows, and I had a pretty easy job with Sky, as I got a dog, who, beside his perfect temperament, his appearance and movement shows a real husky.

Sky is my first dog, and in the beginning we faced smaller and bigger troubles, but people at Nordica always helped me with everything and stood by me.

It gives comfort that they care about all the puppies that were born in their kennel and you can count on them whenever you need help. I love how they handle their dogs. The Nordica dogs are always happy and released, because they are raised with devotion, care and love.

I am glad that I can be a part of this wonderful family and I already learnt a lot and gained a lot of new experience. I never thought that beside a wonderful dog, like Sky I will gain such amazing friends like the Nordica Family.

Klara Hangyál

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