Parents Grandparents 3rd Generation 4th Generation
Utopialand Truth N Power Multi BIS GrandCh Utopialand Cesar AmCh Innisfree's Mastercard BISS AmCh CanCh Innisfree's Tradewind
AmCh Innisfree's Chandalar Sage
MRBIS AustCh Kristari's Eternal Flame BISS AmCh Innisfree's Chips Ahoy
AmCh Kristari's Tahluu Miss Fire
AustCh Utopialand Diolna BIS AustCh JckCh Utopialand Black Power MBIS AmCh AustCh GrandCh Kristari's Playin To Win
MRBIS AustCh Kristari's Eternal Flame
AustCh Utopialand Rhymed Verse AmCh Innisfree's Mastercard
MRBIS AustCh Kristari's Eternal
Ch Zone of Fire In Nordica Ch Nanook's Repeat Performance MBIS CanCh Innisfree TNT At Nanook AmCh CanCh Innisfree's Treasure Hunt
CanCh Innisfree Gold Rush Edna
Ch Nanook's Northrnlite Reflection CanCh Innisfree O'Toole
CanCh Nanook's Shade of Blue
BISS Ch Russian Roulette of Nordica Oumiak's That'll Keep You ChAtriclights Magic Dreamer
Ch Oumiak's Oasis Shadrin
Ch ShCh VCh Oh Sweet Victory of Nordica Kristari's Happy Globetrotter
BISS Ch Love Me Do of Nordica