3rd Generation

4th Generation

Ch Kristari's Jose Cuervo RBIS/RBISS Am/Can CH Kritari's Just Bummin Ch Kristari's Rudolf Valentino Ch Kristari's Skrimshaw Romeo
Ch Kristari's Roses Are Red
Ch Innisfree's Avalon O'Kristari MBIS/MBISS Ch Innisfree's Fire and Frost
Ch Innisfree's Hunt For Silver
Kristari's Tequila Chaser Ch Kristari's Black Tie Affair Ch Kristari's Tickle Me Elmo
Kristari's Whirlwind
Kristari's Tequila Sunrise BISS Ch Innisfree's Chips Ahoy
Kristari's Okami
Ch Vannabe of Nordica Ch Kaila's Rogue Commando Tullemore's Copyright Tullemore's Point of View
Ch Tullemore Keepsake
Kaila's Evening Star Ch Kaila's Baccarat
Kaila's Jannique
Ch Oh Sweet Victory of Nordica Kristari's Happy Globetrotter Ch Innisfree's Chips Ahoy
Kristari's Melody
Ch Love Me Do of Nordica Ch Big Foot Traffic Jam
Ch I See You Iceflower of Nordica