3rd Generation

4th Generation

Nanook`s Repeat Performance MBIS CanCh Innisfree TNT at Nanook AmCh,CanCh Innisfree Treasure Hunt Ch Innisfree's Hunter
Ch Innisfree By Design
CanCh Innisfree Gold Rush Edna AmCh CanCh AsianCh Innisfree's Ice-T
Innisfree Chances
CanCh Nanook's Northrnlite Reflection CanCh Innisfree O'Toole Innisfree's the Quiet Man
Innisfree's Tamara II
CanCh Nanook's Shade of Blue Ch Kavacha Sterling Czar
CanCh Nanook's Run With A Free Spirit
Ch Russian Roulette of Nordica Oumiak's That'll Keep You Ch Articlights Magic Dreamer Ch Cadohi's Mik-l Angelo O'Snoking
Ch Articlight's Number One Belle
Ch Oumiak's Oasis Shadrin Ch Articlight's Rowdy Roscoe
Ch Hightower's Bamboo
Oh Sweet Victory of Nordica Ch Kristari's Happy Globetrotter Ch Innisfree's Chip's Ahoy
Kristari's Melody
Ch Love Me Do of Nordica Ch Big Foot Traffic Jam
Ch I See You Iceflower of Nordica