2018 spring litter



3rd Generation

4th Generation

CH BIS BISS Unicornhill That's Liable MBIS AM CAN GCh Paragon's Absolutely Entertaining O'Kristari Kristari's Powerball Kristari’s Red Hot Lover
Kristari’s Kiss This
PMBIS MBISS GCh Paragon’s Red Red Wine AM Ch Kristari’s Russian Roulette
AM Ch Paragon’s Serendipity
Unicornhill Has no Limits BIS AM Ch AOM Noatak’s Party Of One AOM AM Ch Wildestar’s North Face
AM Ch CH Wildestar’s Angel Dust
RBIS CAN AM Ch Whisperin' Pines The Skys The Limit AM Ch Starlyte’s Heartbeat Of America
Whisperin’ Pines Talkin’ Furbish RN
JCH Edge of Glory Star'n Nordica Ch Kristari's Jose Cuervo RBIS/RBISS Am/Can CH Kritari's Just Bummin Ch Kristari's Rudolf Valentino
Ch Innisfree's Avalon O'Kristari
Kristari's Tequila Chaser Ch Kristari's Black Tie Affair
Kristari's Tequila Sunrise
Ch Vannabe of Nordica Ch Kaila's Rogue Commando Tullemore's Copyright
Kaila's Evening Star
Ch ShCh VCh Oh Sweet Victory of Nordica Kristari's Happy Globetrotter
BISS Ch Love Me Do of Nordica